Domestic Violence Charges Against 49ers Linebacker Dismissed
Domestic Violence Charges Against 49ers Linebacker Dismissed
A Santa Clara judge dismissed domestic violence charges against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ruben Foster, citing insufficient evidence. The judge reviewed the case just days after Foster’s former girlfriend recanted her claim that Foster assaulted her.

Although the District Attorney’s office will not pursue the domestic assault charges, Foster must still return to court for a misdemeanor weapons offense. Initially, authorities charged Foster with felony illegal possession of an assault rifle. Foster purchased the weapon legally in Alabama. Since it did not violate federal firearms statutes, the judge reduces those charges to a misdemeanor. Foster will return to court on June 6 regarding the weapons offense. He will also make a court appearance in Alabama on June 20 on a marijuana possession offense.

In dismissing the domestic assault charges, Judge Nona Klippen said she did not see sufficient evidence to bind over Foster for trial. Prosecutors accused Foster of hitting his former girlfriend 8-10 times in the head and rupturing her eardrum. Further, they claimed that Foster had thrown the woman out of his house by her hair.

Foster’s former girlfriend testified that she fabricated the domestic violence claim because she was angry about their breakup. As a result of the accusation, she hoped to extort money from Foster and damage his career. She also admitted that she served jail time in 2011 for falsely accusing another man of domestic violence. In her testimony, she said that the injuries she suffered came from a physical altercation with another woman.

The 49ers suspended Foster in April following his arrest. After the dismissal, the team reinstated Foster, but said it will monitor the outcome of his other legal matters. Regardless of the outcome of those cases, the NFL could apply additional disciplinary measures under its personal conduct policy.

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