Domestic Violence Arrest for Valencia Man
Domestic Violence Arrest for Valencia Man
A 69-year-old Valencia man was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence , after attempting to stab his wife in the couple’s home. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a call requesting assistance. Deputies said that the man had threatened to stab his wife while holding a large kitchen knife. The man also threatened the couple’s teenage daughter when she tried to intervene in the argument.

Domestic violence, assault charges followed arrest

The woman was slightly injured in the attack, but was able to leave the house and shelter at a neighbor’s home until the police arrived. Deputies arrested the husband, and he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder , child abuse, spousal abuse, false imprisonment and making criminal threats.

If you’ve been arrested for spousal abuse, a competent experienced defense attorney can help you defend yourself in court. Robert Helfend has practiced criminal defense exclusively for more than 30 years in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. He is known in court as an aggressive, skilled criminal defense attorney.

Domestic complaints can pose serious problems for you and your family. In many jurisdictions, the police are required to make an arrest of one of the parties, regardless of the circumstances of the dispute. At least one of you will be forced to defend yourself in a criminal court, and risk the reality that the Court will impose criminal penalties if you are convicted.

Without a doubt, domestic violence produces some very real tragedies. In many cases, the other party does not want to press charges when the case goes before a judge, if they ever wanted to press charges at all. California law lays out some very specific requirements for withdrawing a domestic violence complaint. Mr. Helfend can help you and your family through this process, without triggering penalties for the complainant in your domestic violence case.

Courts reduce or dismiss domestic violence charges often, but as a defendant, you want to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to help reach a fair and honest resolution for all parties.
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