Domestic violence arrest for NBA point guard
Domestic abuse arrest for NBA point guard
Former Los Angeles Clippers point guard Darren Collison was arrested last month on a domestic violence charge. Collison, who now plays for the Sacramento Kings, was arrested when deputies responded to a call for assistance. The caller reported that a woman was being assaulted in an Auburn, CA home. Collison was booked into the Placer County Jail, and was released on a bail of $55,000 several hours later.

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If you’ve been arrested for spousal abuse or any other domestic assault charge, a competent experienced domestic violence attorney can help you defend yourself in court.

Domestic assault and spousal abuse charges are sensitive. Because the consequences of domestic abuse can be so devastating for the victim, the police almost always make an arrest when they are investigating a domestic assault complaint. Whether or not the details of the complaint match the facts, you are immediately put in the position of defending yourself when you’re accused of or arrested for domestic abuse. Spousal assault defendants are not treated well by the court, and the consequences of a conviction for a domestic assault can be serious.

As a misdemeanor offense, you can be sentenced to community service, mandatory domestic abuse education programs, fines and jail sentences of up to six months. As a felony offense, a domestic assault conviction will earn you all the same penalties, except that the jail term converts to a prison sentence of as many as three years.

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California’s spousal abuse laws are complex, and without an attorney, the odds are against you. Mr. Helfend can help you navigate spousal abuse and domestic violence complaints, and work with you and your partner when your partner wants to drop the charges against you or challenge a domestic violence restraining order.
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