Domestic violence arrest for Long Beach man
Domestic violence arrest for Long Beach man
Timothy Wozniak, of Long Beach, was arrested at an Irvine hotel last month and charged with domestic violence after assaulting his girlfriend while driving to the hotel.

According to police, Wozniak and the woman arrived at the hotel, and a security guard noticed that the woman was upset. The security guard called the police. By the time the police arrived, Wozniak was gone, but they questioned the woman, who said that Wozniak had punched and bitten her while they were en route to the hotel.

Police observed Wozniak when he returned to the hotel at around 3:00 in the morning. He was arrested and taken to jail. Earlier in December, Wozniak pleaded guilty to one charge of being an accessory after the fact in a double-murder case. In that case, Daniel Wozniak was convicted of killing Samuel Herr and Juri Kibuishi in Costa Mesa. Daniel Wozniak received the death penalty in that case.

Timothy Wozniak had previously been charge with one felony accessory count in that case after police discovered that Daniel had given him physical evidence from the crime, including the murder weapon, to dispose of, hide or destroy. As part of a plea deal, Timothy Wozniak pleaded guilty to the charge against him and received 10 days in jail and three years of informal probation. He was also required to enroll in a mandatory anger-management class.

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