Domestic Violence Allegation Dropped Against Dodgers Pitcher
Domestic Violence Allegation Dropped Against Dodgers Pitcher
Los Angeles city prosecutors will not file domestic violence charges against Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias. Police arrested Urias in May. Initially, witnesses told police that Urias shoved the woman he was with while walking in a parking lot. The woman told investigators that she fell.

Prosecutors have indicated that they defer prosecution of Urias for domestic assault, provided that he stays out of trouble for a period of one year. In addition, Urias must complete a 52-week domestic violence counseling program. The program involves individual and group counseling and accept responsibility for the act.

Prosecutors said that they considered the fact that the woman was not injured. They also considered that the woman did not file the complaint, and that Urias had no prior history of violence. Major League Baseball briefly suspended Urias but reinstated him after 7 days.

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