A North Hills man who confessed to the murder of his son is also believed to have killed his wife. Shehada Issa, 69, told police that he had killed his son, Amier, 38 with a shotgun after Amier threatened him with a knife. He told police that he heard noises in his home and thought that a burglar had entered the house. He implied that Amier had killed his wife and then threatened him. According to Issa, he shot his son in self-defense.

Murder of wife took place first

Police say evidence at the crime scene did not support Issa’s version of the events, and that Issa’s wife, Rabihah, had been stabbed to death as much as 24 hours prior to Amier’s shotgun slaying. Police did not find a knife at the scene, and believe that Issa killed his son because of Amier’s sexual orientation.

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Dad Confessed to Son's Murder
Dad Confessed to Son’s Murder

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