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Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Should Not Be Criticized for Doing Their Jobs
Given the nature of the cases that manage to capture the most public interest, it should come as no surprise to learn that Criminal Defense Attorneys are often criticized for doing their jobs. However, it is important to remember that this is unfair and unreasonable, particularly when Criminal Defense Attorneys are actually protecting our constitutional rights.

Why the Rules Matter
The principles behind our legal system exist to ensure fair outcomes for all individuals who come into contact with law enforcement. For example, the presumption of innocence is important because history shows that the reverse assumption was extremely abusable for the convenience of the high and mighty. Yes, it means that some criminals will escape their rightful punishment. However, it also means that fewer people will be convicted for crimes that they did not commit.

As a result, when Criminal Defense Attorneys challenge the prosecution to provide their evidence, they are doing their job. After all, the presumption of innocence requires the prosecution to prove the defendants’ guilt rather than the defense to prove those same individuals’ innocence. Similarly, when Criminal Defense Attorneys counsel their clients to take plea bargains, they are providing them with the legal expertise and experience needed to see justice done while also freeing up prosecutorial resources that can be better spent on more certain and more culpable targets. In the end, it is not relevant to the Criminal Defense Attorney whether the client is guilty. It comes down to the evidence!

Such strict adherence to these rules can seem frustrating, but it is important to remember that our legal system relies on the trust that we are willing to put in it to remain efficient and fair. Each time that a player in the system cuts a corner, it damages our trust in the legal system. Worse, the convenience of not being thorough encourages further miscarriages of justice in the future. This is why even seemingly trivial technicalities are treated with such seriousness.

After all, even the smallest sign of rot must be stopped at the source to ensure that it cannot spread. The legal system that serves and protects us is simply too important for us to risk anything less.

Final Considerations
Of course, there are Criminal Defense Attorneys who are willing to commit either unethical or outright criminal acts in order to benefit their client. Examples can range from those who bribe bail bondsmen for referrals to those who coach witnesses to lie on the stand. However, it is important to remember that these are the exceptions to the rule. Their actions should not be used to tarnish Criminal Defense Attorneys as a whole. Particularly not when their services play such a pivotal role in protecting our constitutional freedoms.

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