Criminal antitrust plea in price fixing case
Criminal antitrust plea in price fixing case
A Houston business owner pleaded guilty in federal court in Florida to criminal antitrust violations. The woman, who owns a freight forwarding company, admitted to price fixing for freight shipments to Honduras.

The guilty plea is the third such case closed by the Department of Justice. Last year, two executives of a New Orleans freight forwarder pleaded guilty to price fixing. Federal investigators allege that a group of freight forwarders conspired to raise prices on shipping fees based on the freight’s destination. The ultimate effect of the conspiracy was to limit competition and increase shipping costs.

Although the charge could result in a 10-year sentence, the first two executives received sentences of 18 months or less. In addition, their company agreed to pay a fine of nearly $500,000 in the case. An antitrust conviction could also lead to a fine of as much as $1M. The amount of the fine will depend upon the illegal gain by the defendant or the loss suffered by customers of the freight firm. The scheme operated for a period of four years between 2010 and 2014.

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