Couple charged with robbery
Couple charged with robbery
Long Beach police have arrested a man and woman they say are responsible for a string of armed robbery incidents around that community. Long Beach Police arrested Miguel Angel Giron, 22, of Los Angeles Daisy Uzarraga, 25, of Wilmington in early February.

Robbery Spree Lasted 3 Weeks

Police say that the couple would approach their victims, brandish a knife and steal money and personal possessions. Police say the incidents took place on Long Beach streets between mid-January and early-February. Patrol officers, working with Long Beach gang enforcement detectives, determined that Giron and Uzarraga fit the description of the suspects given by victims. After the couple was arrested, police connected them to additional robberies that had taken place recently.
Giron has been charged with 9 counts of armed robbery, three counts of making criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery. Uzarraga has been charged with 10 counts of armed robbery and making criminal threats. Giron’s bail was set at $605,000 and Uzarraga’s bail was set at $400,000.
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