Couple charged with drug possession following chase
Couple charged with drug possession following chase
An Azusa man and a Glendora woman were arrested last month and charged with drug possession and evading police following a short chase between Azusa and Duarte.

According to police, an Azusa officer attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Dennis Ayon, 36, of Azusa for a traffic violation. Ayon fled the scene and was pursued by the officer. The chase led officers through Azusa, Monrovia and Duarte, before abruptly ending when Ayon collided with a number of parked cars. Police arrested Ayon for felony drug possession. His passenger, Darla Abriel, 30, of Glendora was arrested for misdemeanor drug possession and multiple outstanding warrants.

Both suspects were treated for minor injuries received during the crash. Abriel was released on a $45,000 bond. Ayon is being held without bond, pending court appearances in February and May.

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