Compton Woman Arrested For Attempted Murder
Compton Woman Arrested For Attempted Murder
A Compton woman was arrested after abandoning her 4-day old infant and has been charged with attempted murder and child abuse. Police say Porche Laronda Washington, 33, was arrested after tips led Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies to her. Passersby discovered the infant buried under slabs of asphalt near a riverbed.

Attempted murder charge carries possible life sentence

Sheriff’s deputies used clues from the location where the infant was discovered, as well as tips from the public, to identify and locate Washington. The infant, who was cold to the touch when found, was wrapped in a hospital blanket. The woman told police that she had hidden her pregnancy from family and friends, and had panicked after the baby arrived. Police did not identify the hospital where the child was born, and did not say whether the child’s father knew Washington was pregnant. If convicted, Washington faces up to life in prison.

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