Chinatown Murder Suspect to Face Death Penalty
Chinatown Murder Suspect to Face Death Penalty
A man suspected of murder in connection with the stabbing deaths of two people will face the death penalty. Vinh Dao is accused of stabbing two people at the Hop Sing Tong Benevolent Association in Chinatown last month. The Hop Sing Tong Benevolent Association is a private, members-only fraternal order.

Dao, who was previously convicted of manslaughter in 2002, stabbed Tony Young, of Montebello, and Kim Kong Yun, of Monterey Park, while they were playing mah-jongg at the club. Young was the president of the social club at the time of his death. Dao, who was also a member of the club, confronted Young over a $400 debt that he believed Young owed. Young refused to pay Dao, and was stabbed in the altercation that followed. Yun attempted to intervene in the dispute and was also stabbed to death.

Dao was charged with two counts of murder and a special enhancement of multiple murders, and a special allegation of personally using a knife in the commission of the murder. Dao fled the scene, but was identified by witnesses and arrested in Rosemead the following day.

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