Child Pornography Focus Shifts From LA Man
Child Pornography Focus Shifts From LA Man
A Los Angeles man who was scheduled to face trial in a Desert Hot Springs courtroom next month on child pornography charges, has made a deal with prosecutors that shifts the focus from his activities to those of two other defendants. A fourth man who was alleged to have participated in the multi-state child pornography ring, has already been convicted in an unrelated case.

Child pornography charges dropped for cooperating witness tag

Eric Monsivais, of Los Angeles, was accused of molesting children as part of a larger operation that created and distributed child pornography. Monsivais and John David Yoder, of Desert Hot Springs, were arrested in February and faced both federal and state charges related to the matter. A Las Vegas man, William Thomson, who ran a modeling agency for young children, led the suspected child pornography ring.

Yoder, whom investigators acknowledge is the target of the investigation, was a public school employee and a foster parent. Investigators claim that Yoder used those positions to gain access to children. Yoder is also accused of molesting a foster child in his care. Many of the documents related to the case are currently sealed, including a witness list that identifies nearly 20 children who may be called to testify in the child pornography trial.

If you’ve been arrested on child pornography charges, you need an experienced attorney to defend you in court. Whether the charges against you are true or false, child pornography accusations can have serious, long-lasting consequences. Many Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys don’t want to take child pornography cases, due to the sensitivity of the allegations. Robert Helfend not only accepts child pornography cases, he fights vigorously to defend his clients throughout the adjudication process.

Experienced attorneys like Robert Helfend look for any opportunity to weaken the case against a defendant facing child pornography charges. Specific defense expertise in illegal search and seizure, entrapment, false accusations and age verification can all provide such an opportunity.

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