Child Pornography Arrest For LA Actor
Child Pornography Arrest For LA Actor
Los Angeles actor Mark Salling, best known for is role in “Glee” was arrested earlier this week on child pornography charges. The charges are the result of an investigation conducted by the Los Angeles Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. According to task force officials, they were alerted to Salling’s alleged connection to child pornography earlier this month.

Child pornography convictions have ongoing consequences

Salling was the subject of a joint local and federal investigation and was arrested at his home in Los Angeles. Authorities say they obtained a search warrant and discovered and verified images classified as child pornography on the actor’s home computer using a mobile forensic laboratory. Salling was released on a $20,000 bond.

If you’ve been arrested for possession of child pornography, or for another sex crime involving children or the Internet, Los Angeles criminal defense attorneyRobert Helfend can take your case.

Convictions for offenses like child pornography carry their own consequences, but even mere accusations can have a devastating effect on your ability to find work and housing. A conviction involving most sexual offenses will require registration as a sex offender. That information is shared nationally and will follow you, no matter where you live. Thanks to the Internet, this information is often available in some form for the remainder of your life. Most felony convictions don’t carry that kind of consequence!

Mr. Helfend has practiced criminal defense exclusively for more than 30 years, and does not judge his clients based upon accusations. He’ll fight diligently for your rights in court and will work tirelessly to get the child pornography charges against you reduced or dropped.

Avoiding repeat convictions is also important because a history of serious offenses under the state’s Three Strikes Law can result in life imprisonment. In California, that’s why reducing or eliminating potential convictions is so important. If you’ve been arrested on child pornography charges or for any other sexual offense, contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (310) 456-3317, (818) 591-2809 or (805) 273-5611 for an immediate consultation on your Los Angeles County child pornography case.

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