CA Company Heads Face Securities Fraud Rap
CA Company Heads Face Securities Fraud Rap
A Michigan lawyer with ties to a California investment company has been indicted on federal securities fraud charges. The Securities and Exchange Commission has accused attorney James A. Catipay and David Aldridge, principals in a firm called Prometheus Law, of defrauding elderly clients of more than $12M in what investigators say amounts to a Ponzi scheme.

According to the complaint, which was filed in Los Angeles, the pair took money from investors to fund personal injury and class-action lawsuits, but instead used the funds to purchase a luxury downtown Los Angeles residence and pay Aldridge’s personal income taxes, among other things. When the first investors’ return of $120,000 was due, the pair allegedly recruited new investors and used the funds to pay them.

According to the SEC, Catipay and Aldridge routinely misrepresented the risk of investing with their firm, and proposed unrealistic returns of between 100% and 300% on investments. The pair also engaged in a scheme involving “fee-splitting,” which is prohibited between attorneys and non-attorneys. Aldridge is alleged to have masterminded the scheme in 2013, but initially could not find an attorney to participate. They later recruited a Seattle personal injury attorney to participate in the scheme.

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