Burglary Suspects Sentenced
Home Invasion Suspects Sentenced
Four people responsible for a series of home invasions in and around Los Angeles County were sentenced to prison terms last month. The four, Donte Caldwell, 24, Elanee Jarrett, 22, Everald Fisher Jr., 23, rand Chivetta Overstreet, 23, all pleaded no contest to one count of breaking into a home in Pacific Palisades. They were also charged with first degree residential burglary and grand theft. They received sentences ranging from 5 years to 18 years in state prison.

The four drew the attention of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Major Crime Burglary Task Force, after members of the task force witnessed the group casing homes in the Pacific Palisades area in a rented vehicle. One of the group knocked on the front door of a target home, while another member broke into the home from the side. The pair left the home carrying personal property, including jewelry and clothing.

At the time of her arrest, Overstreet was wearing a gold bracelet taken from the home. Although she did not enter the home, she was in the back seat of the rental vehicle monitoring a police scanner during the home invasion. Overstreet has prior convictions on firearms charges and faces additional burglary charges. Fisher has a prior conviction for robbery. Jarrett and Caldwell have prior convictions for burglary. The four face additional charges related to other similar burglaries.

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