Burglary in Pacific Palisades Nets 3
Burglary in Pacific Palisades Nets 3
Three men were arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau in connection with a burglary in Pacific Palisades. Detectives say that Mark Hundley, 29, Rayshawn Marshall, 20, and Michael Butler, 21, were observed by deputies driving slowly through a Pacific Palisades neighborhood at about 10:00 AM the morning of the incident. Later, deputies saw the same vehicle parked outside a home, with Hundley, the driver, acting as a lookout. At about 10:45 AM, officers observed two men leave the home, enter the suspect vehicle and leave the neighborhood.

Burglary suspects detained on PCH

After officers determined that the home had been burglarized, the trio was stopped and arrested on Pacific Coast Highway, a short distance from the home. Inside the car, officers found jewelry and other personal property inside the vehicle, which was a rental, as well as a police scanner tuned to a local law enforcement radio frequency. Police estimated that the stolen items were each valued at more than $10,000.

The Sheriff’s Department noted that each of the arrested men had significant criminal histories that included gang affiliations, parole violations, outstanding warrants and two of the three men were out on bond for earlier incidents. All three men are being held without bond pending a Court hearing on the matter.

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