Bank Robbery Suspect Busted In Brentwood
Bank Robbery Suspect Busted In Brentwood
A serial bank robbery suspect was arrested in Brentwood after attempting to change his appearance in a drug store. Police were called to Safeway supermarket by a person who recognized the bank robbery suspect. By the time police arrived, the suspect had fled on foot, leaving his car behind.

Bank robbery suspect captured by patient police

The suspect, Kenneth Ellis, went into a nearby CVS drug store and waited there for the police to leave the area. Instead, the police waited for about two hours for the suspect to return to his vehicle. While police waited outside the drug store, Ellis shaved his beard and head, in an attempt to change his appearance.
Ellis was wanted in connection with at least 11 successful bank robbery attempts and one unsuccessful bank robbery attempt. He was also known to have cased at least 7 other banks.

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