Assault Charge for Former NFL WR
Assault Charge for Former NFL WR
Former Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Titus Young was arrested last month in Los Angeles in connection with an assault. He has been charged with felony battery with serious bodily injury. If convicted, Young could spend as many as four years in prison.

Assault follows previous conviction

Young was arrested three times within a week after being cut by the Detroit Lions in 2013. In those incidents, he was charged with felony burglary and assault, along with 7 additional misdemeanors. He also assaulted his former criminal defense attorney, breaking his nose. In addition, he was accused of assaulting five different people in 2014.

He was given a suspended sentence of five years in state prison in exchange for the successful completion of five years of probation and of a one-year, inpatient rehabilitation program. He is expected to be charged with a violation of the terms of his probation. If convicted, he faces the possibility of serving the five-year prison sentence from his previous assault conviction.

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