Arson Spree in Pasadena nets 2
Arson Spree in Pasadena nets 2
Two men have been charged with multiple counts of arson following a series of five fires along one Pasadena alley. Nicholas Roether, 23, of Los Angeles and Thyler Trotter, 19, of Altadena, have been charged with setting fire to trash cans, furniture and dumpsters in the alley along South Raymond Avenue.

Multiple arson fires set over 20 minutes

Pasadena Police say the first fire was reported at about 2:50 AM, and the Pasadena Fire Department received calls regarding four other blazes in four blocks of the same alley within 20 minutes of the first call. The pair were seen on surveillance video and were also identified by witnesses. The men were being held on $250,000 bail prior to their arraignment.

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