Arson, murder earn the death penalty
Arson, murder earn the death penalty
A Montebello man has been convicted of murder and arson during the commission of a murder, in connection with a 2010 triple homicide. Joseph Mercado was convicted in November of killing his girlfriend, Serena Tarin, her father Alfred Tarin, Sr., and her brother, Alfred “AD” Tarin, Jr. He was also convicted of three counts of attempted murder, burglary, shooting at an inhabited dwelling and child abuse.

Arson fire started outside family home

Mercado and Serena Tarin had a child together. The child was the subject of a dispute between the parents. Prosecutors said that Mercado had planned the attack at least a month before it occurred, and purchased an assault rifle and ammunition. They also said that Mercado had arrived at the Tarin family home prior to the assault, armed with the rifle and a can of gasoline, along with meat for the family dogs. Mercado waited for shift change at the police station. He poured the gasoline around the outside of the home and ignited it before shooting into the home, killing Tarin, Sr. Later, he broke into the home and shot Serena Tarin, who had been hiding in a bathroom, and Tarin, Jr. The baby was not injured in the incident.

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