Antitrust Trial for SF Contractors Nets Convictions
Antitrust Trial for SF Contractors Nets Convictions
A criminal antitrust trial in San Francisco has yielded two more convictions. A federal jury convicted two local contractors of mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy in a bid rigging scheme.

According to prosecutors, the men submitted fraudulent, non-competitive bids for work at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. As part of the scam, the men submitted inflated bids in exchange for subcontracting work from another developer. The developer designated to “win” the bid, however, was an undercover federal agent. This trial was part of a larger investigation into federal contract bid rigging, which has already netted several convictions.

The judge scheduled a sentencing hearing for the men in June. They could face 20 years in prison on the wire and mail fraud charges. They could also face an additional five years for defrauding the federal government. In addition, the judge could require the men to pay a fine of as much as $500,000.

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