Antitrust suit filed against former DWP Employee
Antitrust suit filed against former DWP Employee
A former Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employee will serve a five-year sentence and repay nearly $4.5 million dollars in embezzled funds. In addition, the Department is seeking civil remedies against the man for his part in a bid-rigging scheme. DWP officials say the antitrust violations include bid-rigging and steering DWP contracts to friends and front companies.

Officials say that Thatcus Richard, 66, ran a bid-rigging scheme for DWP contracts for more than two decades. He also collected tens of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from the tainted contracts. According to investigators, Richard steered contracts to his friends, who subcontracted the work back to Richard. Richard then used DWP equipment and resources to perform the contracted work. DWP has made a number of changes to its contracting procedures as a result of the case.

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