Antitrust conviction lands retired colonel in prison
Antitrust conviction lands retired colonel in prison
A former US Army colonel will spend 5 years in prison for an antitrust conviction. The man pleaded guilty in March to a bid-rigging scheme at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Between 2008 and 2014, the man took more than $1M in bribes related to modernizing the facility’s communications infrastructure.

According to federal prosecutors, the man conspired with another colonel who retired, and then formed his own business. Two other men also participated in the scheme and steered business to the retired colonel’s company. The men also gave business to a second company, owned by a friend of the retiree. The wife of one of the men who improperly steered business to the contractors was listed as an employee of the second company, although she performed no work. Company records listed her income as nearly $975,000. For its role in the conspiracy, the second company owner collected $13M.

Since his guilty plea, the man has refiled his income tax form to reflect the $1M in bribes. He also claimed the income given to his wife for a “no-show” job. Since the filing is considered late, the man will pay substantial fines and interest to the IRS.

All four men in the conspiracy have been sentenced to five years in prison. In addition, the former colonel must also complete three years of supervised release. The wife with the no-show job was initially given a year’s probation. That was revoked earlier this year when she failed to file required tax forms.

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