Antitrust conviction lands investor in jail for 30 months
Antitrust conviction lands investor in jail for 30 months
A California real estate investor will spend 30 months in federal prison for antitrust violations. Federal prosecutors accused Michael Marr of conspiring to submit fraudulent bids at real estate foreclosure auctions.

According to prosecutors, Marr played a significant role in determining the outcome of real estate auctions. Through his process, he obtained ownership of hundreds of Northern California properties. Conspirators pre-selected winning bidders and arranged payoffs in exchange for not competing for properties.

Following a public foreclosure auction, the conspirators would hold private auctions to determine who ended up with the foreclosed property. Prosecutors accused Marr of sending several employees to submit phony bids. In a foreclosure action, the auction proceeds pay off debts on the property, and the foreclosed owner keeps any remainder. The scheme hurt hundreds of property owners in Northern California by keeping property prices artificially low.

Marr will spend 30 months in a federal prison, and will complete three years of supervised release afterward. In addition, the judge ordered Marr to pay a fine of nearly $1.4M. The Department of Justice Antitrust Division investigated the case. A federal grand jury issued an indictment against Marr in November 2014. His trial took place last year, and resulted in a conviction in June 2017.

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