Antitrust conviction for Los Angeles banker
Antitrust conviction for Los Angeles banker
A former Los Angeles investment banker pleaded guilty to antitrust violations, including securities fraud, investment advisor fraud and conspiracy. Jason Galanis, 46, conspired with his father, two brothers, at least one broker and the former chairman of the Gerova Financial Group, a publicly traded reinsurer at the center of the securities fraud case, to manipulate the company’s stock price.

Galanis was accused of surreptitiously accumulating nearly half of Gerova Financial Group’s stock using a straw buyer, then bribing investment advisors to purchase the stock. The stock was then transferred from Galanis’ straw account to the investment advisors. Galanis manipulated the stock price of Gerova Financial Group for more than four years and produced more than $20 million in profits for the co-conspirators.

Galanis is also the subject of a second, separate antitrust case against him for a $60 million bond scam involving the Oglala Sioux Nation.

Los Angeles Antitrust Lawyer

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