Antitrust Charges Hit New Orleans Shipping Executives
Antitrust Charges Hit New Orleans Shipping Executives
Two executives of a New Orleans based shipping firm face charges for criminal antitrust violations. According to federal investigators, the men conspired to fix prices on forwarding services for US-based shippers.

Forwarding services typically help shippers find the best possible shipping routes. They also consolidate shipments from multiple exporters to take advantage of better rates. In addition, forwarders manage the customs process for shipments entering the country.

According to federal prosecutors, a shipping company owner and his sales manager conspired with Honduran forwarders. The scheme operated between March 2014 and March 2015. The group conspired to raise prices through a commissions plan, which assigned various commissions to different US port cities. The executives knew that their plan violated US antitrust laws, so they cautioned the Honduran partners to avoid creating evidence. The New Orleans company has offices throughout the southeastern United States. The judge ordered the company’s Chief Executive Officer held without bail, but granted the sales agent a bail of $500,000.

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