Antitrust Charges Against Freight Execs Net Guilty Pleas
Antitrust Charges Against Freight Execs Net Guilty Pleas
Two executives agreed to plead guilty to antitrust violations for their role in fixing prices on freight forwarding services. Freight forwarders offer services designed to streamline the international shipping process. They find the most efficient shipping routes, and seek the best rates by consolidating cargo from multiple shippers.

Federal authorities arrested the two men last summer following an investigation into the company’s practices. The company, which has offices throughout the southeast US, worked with Honduran shippers to fix prices for services. The company’s owner is a Honduran national. According to investigators, the company conspired with the shippers to raise prices on freight services. The company paid commissions based on which US ports goods entered. Investigators discovered that the group documented the illegal scheme in emails to group members. In the emails, the CEO acknowledged that the group’s actions violated US antitrust laws. He also coached members of the group to avoid leaving written documentation of their anticompetitive activities.

As part of the guilty plea, the company’s CEO and the manager admitted their roles in the scheme. In addition, the pair will pay a criminal fine and cooperate with authorities on other aspects of the investigation. Authorities initially said that the scheme operated between 2014 and 2015. They later said that the anticompetitive agreement may have begun in 2010 or earlier.

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