Antitrust Charge Nets Insulation Contractor
Antitrust Charge Nets Insulation Contractor
As part of the Department of Justice’s renewed focus on antitrust violations, several bid rigging cases are proceeding. In Connecticut, the US Attorney there announced that an insulation contractor pleaded guilty to bid rigging. The indictment valued the overall scheme at more than $45 million.

According to prosecutors, the contractor coordinated with other bidders to inflate prices on public and private construction projects. The case included worksites in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Prosecutors say that the collusive agreement took place between 2011 and 2018. The co-conspirators attempted to conceal their communications by using “burner” cell phones and encrypted messaging.

The Connecticut contractor represents the second conviction in the case. When he returns to court for sentencing, he could receive 10 years on the antitrust charge, 20 years on the fraud charge and fines of up to $1.25M. As part of the settlement, the contractor has already agreed to forfeit his home and cash in his bank account.

The US Department of Justice will continue to focus on antitrust actions, which include bid rigging, price fixing and market allocation schemes. The DOJ has already announced several high-profile cases that focus on the elimination of competition in various industries.

Criminal Antitrust Attorney

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