Antitrust Case Proceeds Against Former Army Officer
Antitrust Case Proceeds Against Former Army Officer
A former Army colonel faces charges for criminal antitrust violations. Federal prosecutors allege that the man conspired with other retired Army officers to rig bids on government contracts. While serving in the military, the former colonel managed a billion-dollar budget. As part of his job, he provided funding strategies to make efficient use of resources.

According to prosecutors, a conspiracy emerged in 2008 following the retirement of one the conspirators. The retiree started his own consulting company to pursue government contracts. At nearly the same time, a co-conspirator established an IT consulting company, and worked as a subcontractor for the first company.

Prosecutors say that two active-duty colonels, including the man now facing charges, accepted bribes to steer millions of dollars in contracts to the co-conspirators. Prosecutors accused five other people of participating in the scam. Four of the conspirators have already been sentenced. Three of the conspirators received a five-year prison sentence and were ordered to pay fines of more than $5 million. One man’s wife, who pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact, received a 5-year probation sentence. The judge also fined her $10,000 and ordered her to serve 30 days in jail.

Federal Criminal Antitrust Attorney

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