Antitrust case against NoCal woman nets guilty plea
Antitrust case against NoCal woman nets guilty plea
A Northern California woman pleaded guilty to federalantitrust violations in a bid-rigging scheme. The woman worked as a representative for a software company and worked with several state agencies. She conspired with two executives of a competing tech company to rig bids with the state agencies.

The trio convinced other companies who did not want state contracts to submit outrageously expensive bids. This allowed the competing tech company, Expert Network Consultants, to win bids with four state agencies. Over a period of four years, the company received $3M in state contracts.

The woman advised the men on how to control the bidding process, and which contracts to bid on. Eventually, the woman left the larger software company and began working for ENC, based in New York. The two ENC executives pleaded guilty last year to federal antitrust charges. One man has already been sentenced to 15 months in prison. The woman will return to court for sentencing in October. The other ENC executive will return to court for sentencing in January. They both face up to 10 years in prison and a $1M fine.

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