Agoura Hills Identity Theft Ring Smashed
Agoura Hills Identity Theft Ring Smashed
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that it broke up an identity theft in Agoura Hills earlier this month. Two men and a woman, all from Bakersfield and occupying two different hotel rooms were arrested at a local Sheraton Hotel. Police were responding to a report of suspicious activity at the hotel. While searching the hotel rooms, deputies found weapons, drugs, burglary tools, and a variety of counterfeiting materials, including small copiers, mail stolen from Conejo Valley and postal keys. According to deputies, the trio traveled to the area to commit burglaries, thefts and identity theft.

Identity theft can have serious consequences

Identity theft is a crime in California, and occurs in a number of ways. Usually, identity theft is associated with acquiring a monetary or economic benefit in someone else’s name, attempting to disguise one’s true identity or causing a person to suffer some kind of financial loss (as in the theft of a tax refund). Identity theft can be prosecuted under state law in California as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Identity theft can also be prosecuted under federal law. As a federal prosecution, an identity theft conviction can result in an extremely long prison sentence.

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