Actor Sentenced to Death for MurderA former community actor was sentenced to death earlier this month for his role in a double murder. Daniel Wozniak was convicted last December of killing Juri “Julie” Kibuishi and Samuel Herr in 2010.

Prosecutors allege that Wozniak killed Herr in an effort to steal Herr’s savings – about $60,000. Herr had accumulated the money while serving in Afghanistan. Following that murder, Wozniak lured Kibuishi, a friend of Herr’s, to Herr’s home and killed her to cover up Herr’s murder. Prosecutors say that Wozniak attempted to make it appear as though Herr had killed Kibuishi and then disappeared. According to Orange County prosecutors, Wozniak wanted the money to pay for his lavish wedding and honeymoon.

Wozniak was arrested shortly after the murders, but his trial was significantly delayed by allegations made by Wozniak’s public defender, Scott Sanders. Sanders claimed that the prosecution engaged in misconduct surrounding the use of jailhouse informants. Following his conviction, Wozniak sought a new trial and filed a motion to dismiss the death sentence. Judge John Conley denied both motions, finding that Wozniak had received a fair trial.

Wozniak was arrested just two days before his scheduled wedding, after making withdrawals from Herr’s bank account. Wozniak’s fiancée, Rachel Buffett, was also arrested and charged with lying to the police, to which she has pleaded not guilty. Her trial has not yet taken place. Following his sentencing, Wozniak was moved to San Quentin to await execution.

Los Angeles Murder Attorney

The Wozniak case underscores what’s at stake in a murder trial in California. If you’ve been arrested for murder, prosecutors in the state have the option to seek the death penalty, and they do on a regular basis. You need a murder attorney who will defend you aggressively throughout the judicial process.

Because the penalties are so severe in murder trials, you need a murder attorney who will do what it takes to defend you in court. A defense attorney needs to challenge all evidence and every presumption that the prosecution makes. Your life is literally hanging in the balance.

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