Actor arrested for 2015 murder
Actor arrested for 2015 murder
Ricardo Medina, Jr., a former “Power Rangers” actor, was arrested last week for murder in connection with the stabbing death of his roommate in January 2015. Medina allegedly stabbed his roommate numerous times in the abdomen in a home the two men shared in Green Valley. According to police, after the altercation, Medina called 911 and waited for the police to arrive at his home. The murder weapon was a sword.

Argument over woman led to murder

According to reports, Medina and his roommate, Joshua Sutter were arguing over the way Medina’s girlfriend had parked her car. Medina and his girlfriend retreated to a bedroom, and Sutter followed him, forcing the door of the bedroom open. Medina grabbed a sword he kept by the bedroom door and stabbed Sutter several times.

While Sutter was arrested at the time, the district attorney’s office did not file murder charges against Medina right away. At the time of the arrest, Medina said that he has stabbed Sutter in self-defense.
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