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If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve become accustomed to living in a reality that makes a funhouse look normal. Certainly the creative community of the area brings with it differing opinions and ideas about what is acceptable behavior, and what some people may refer to as atrocious and unforgivable actions. But there have been some laws in Los Angeles that are strange even as the definition of strange is re-defined. Here are 8 Strange and unique laws that were on the books in Los Angeles, that might leave you scratching your head.

1. If you’re a dog, you need to respect the church! It is illegal for dogs to mate near a church. In fact, you might want to take your yardstick out. Owners who allowed their dogs to have sexual relations within a five hundred yard radius of a Los Angeles church risk a $500 fine or/and six months in jail.

2. No two-fers. It was illegal to bath two babies in the tub at the same time in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Perhaps they’re afraid you’ll throw a baby out with the bath water…?

3. Fashion Police Felony?: Wearing a Zoot Suit in Los Angeles used to get you in deep water. This law stems from an incident that occurred in the 1940’s. A gang of Hispanic ruffians wearing Zoot suits (which were in style at the time) attacked a group of sailors they thought were making moves on their women. Retaliation from people in the armed forces led to riots and discontent.

4. Wife Beaters Beware. In Los Angeles it has been illegal to beat your wife with a strap that exceeds two inches in width unless she provides consent. Pretty sure that law has been updated to include straps of any sort.

5. Keep your Trap Shut! Sending complaints through the post office regarding a local roach motel was illegal, even if the reports are true. If only spreading rumors of any type was illegal, the entire city would be on lockdown.

6. Good News for Mothman. Apparently it was once a popular Victorian trend to hunt for moths in the pale light of the nearest street lamp. Apparently, that would have been too easy. Is it legal to hunt moths in the darkened shadows beside the street lamps?

7. Don’t Break Down on the Stand. It is always in your best interest to keep your emotions in check while on the witness stand, but in prior times, you have even more reason to keep your wits about you. Crying while on the witness stand was illegal.

8. Keep the Balloons on the Ground. If you were advertising a new baby or a yard sale or your cousin’s wedding, better keep an eye on that Mylar balloon. It was illegal to allow a metallic balloon to float above five feet off the ground.

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