$4M Embezzlement Leads to No Contest Plea
$4M Embezzlement Leads to No Contest Plea
A former Department of Water and Power employee pleaded no contest to multiple embezzlement charges. Investigators say that the former employee embezzled more than $4M from the utility. He was charged with nine counts each of embezzlement by a public officer, public officer crime and conflict of interest.

According to court records, the former employee was arrested in June 2015, following an investigation of contract awards by the department. Investigators say that the employee recruited friends to create phony companies to bid on department work. He steered contracts to the phony companies, which then subcontracted work to a company the defendant owned.

The defendant will return to court in June for sentencing. His plea deal did not include any sentencing agreements. In addition to the possibility of prison time, the judge will likely order full restitution.

To avoid future fraud, the utility now verifies the authenticity of prospective vendors prior to awarding contracts.

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