16 months for Monrovia grand theft
16 months for Monrovia grand theft
A Walnut woman was convicted of grand theft by embezzlement and sentenced to 16 months in prison. The court also ordered her to pay restitution to a family-owned Monrovia firm, where she had previously been employed as the controller. Elizabeth Huacuja was found guilty of embezzling nearly $1M from the company over the course of seven years. The company manufactures pressure sensitive protective films, papers and coatings.

Restitution of $988,000 in grand theft

Huacuja pleaded guilty to two counts of grand theft by embezzlement with a white-collar crime enhancement. Had she been found guilty on the original four counts she faced, she could have been sentenced to a maximum of 13 years in prison. Prosecutors allege that Huacuja spent the stolen money on a new home, cars, college tuition and international travel. The theft was discovered by company officials who noticed a $36,000 accounting irregularity in November 2011. Following extensive investigation of thefts dating back to 2004, Huacuja was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand theft.

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