Crime rates have recently risen in Long Beach, and local police have stepped up enforcement as a result.

But while zealous police and prosecutors might be quick to charge you with a crime, securing a conviction is another story. If you have been recently arrested in Long Beach, that’s why it’s so important to get the help of an experienced and dedicated attorney with years of experience working in Long Beach courtrooms.

A skilled Long Beach criminal defense attorney can work to get your charges reduced or even dropped completely.

I’m attorney Robert M. Helfend, and I’ve been practicing criminal defense here in the Los Angeles metro area since 1984. I have defended hundreds of cases over the course of my career — everything from DUI to drug crimes to murder — and I have developed a reputation in Long Beach courtrooms and with Long Beach judges for being an aggressive and tireless defender of my clients.

If we work together, I’ll tirelessly defend your case and your right to a fair trial.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

My breadth of practice ranges covers a wide range of criminal charges in the State of California, everything from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. That includes:

  • DUI — Police in California can charge you with a DUI simply by using a field sobriety test, rather than a breathalyzer or blood test. These tests are unreliable and are often administered incorrectly.

  • Marijuana Charges — While California is known as a marijuana-friendly state, that is far from the truth. Since 2006, the state has charged almost a half-million people with marijuana crimes, including an average of 14,000 felonies per year.

  • Drug Charges — I aggressively represent those charged with possession, manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of every drug from marijuana to prescription drugs, to cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

  • Robbery — Robbery is a felony offense in California, which can result in a life sentence if you are convicted. If you are charged with robbery or armed robbery, it is crucial to secure qualified criminal defense.

  • Burglary — Breaking and entering into someone else’s property with the intent to steal can come with felony charges. This can add a strike to your record according to California’s Three Strikes Law.

  • Sex CrimesIf you have been charged with a sex crime in Long Beach, the penalties can be heavy. In addition to large fines and jail times, those that have been convicted are required to register as sex offenders with the state.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Long Beach, it might be possible to successfully fight your charges. But know this — as you are planning your next step, prosecutors are as well, building a case against you. By working together with a skilled Long Beach criminal defense attorney, you can take the first step towards fighting for yourself and getting justice. Call me today at 800-834-6434 to schedule your free consultation.

Criminal Defense in Long Beach

While Long Beach might be known for surfers and street art, this city of close to a half-million has seen moderate increases in crime rate over the last few years.

Long Beach is trending close to the national median for most violent crimes, however the robbery rate here is nearly twice the national average. That is the same for motor vehicle theft, and burglary, as well, is above the national average.